Quick starting guide

1. Charge Tucky
Start by charging Tucky thanks to the USB cable (provided), until the LED light off.

2. Download Tucky smartphone application
iOS :  Apple Store
Android : Google Play

3. Create a login account (La Poste)

4. Create a child profile

5. Turn on Tucky
Push one time on the on/off button: the LED start blinking for 2s

6. Associate Tucky with the child profile

7. Put the double face adhesive on Tucky
– Put off the adhesive (A) and its protective transparent layer (B) from the white paper liner (C)
– Put A and B on Tucky on the probe side
– Take-off the protective transparent layer thanks to the pre-cut

8. Put Tucky on the child
Put Tucky as high as possible under the right armpit. For a better temperature measurement, verify the the child wears a clothe.

Curve example :

Monitor the child wherever you are!
The direct Bluetooth distance is around 10m (one room to another).
For a longer distance, just use a second device (smartphone or tablet) with the same account parameters, which act as a relay.

fievre bebe