Quick starting guide

1. Load Tucky
Before first use, charge your Tucky for at least 2 hours (the autonomy after 2 hours of charging is 5 days), using the USB cable provided, until the red LED goes out.

2. Download the free Tucky application
On iOS: Apple Store
On Android: Google Play

3. Open the application and create a La Poste user account (Certified Health Data Host)

This La Poste account enables data to be stored securely in a health cloud (HADS), and thus to be able to remotely monitor temperature data beyond 10 metres.

1) Enter an email address.

2) If the email address does not correspond to an existing La Poste account, fill in the fields.

3) If the email address corresponds to an existing La Poste account, enter your password.

Don’t remember your password? Click on “Forgotten password” and follow the steps indicated.

4. Pay attention to the tutorial

5. Create a child profile by following the instructions on the screen


To change the temperature alert threshold, simply :

  • Go to your profile settings,
  • Change the temperature to the desired temperature and record.

6. Activate the Bluetooth function on your smartphone or tablet.
Note: For IPhone users, when you enable the Bluetooth® function in your smartphone settings, the Tucky thermometer may not appear in the device list. Simply enable Bluetooth®, then exit the settings and return to the application.

7. Turn on Tucky
Press the ON/OFF button once briefly (1s): the LED flashes for 2s (6 times).

8. Associating Tucky with profile
Click on the “associate” button. If the Tucky is already associated to a profile, the connection is automatic (the data is automatically synchronized).


Notes :
IOS Special Information :
Once you have associated your tucky to the application, a bluetooth pairing request message will appear. It is imperative that you accept this pairing in order for your Iphone and Tucky to connect and transmit temperature data.

9. Put the double face adhesive on Tucky

Below, an explicative clip:

10. How to optimize the holding of the adhesive in case of sports activity or heavy sweating?

For better adhesive holding, we recommend that you apply a single-sided adhesive tape over Tucky.

Comparison table of suggested brands:

This table is for information purposes only and is not mandatory.

11. Position the single-sided adhesive tape correctly.

The adhesive band must be positioned following this method:

  1. Stick the device under the right armpit of the tester thanks to the adhesive of the thermometer (ADH21).
  2. Cut a band of adhesive about 50mm wide and 80mm long.

3. Put the adhesive band on the device in the direction of width.

12. Put Tucky 
Put Tucky as high as possible under the right armpit. For a better temperature measurement, verify the child wears a clothe.

Monitor the child wherever you are!
The direct Bluetooth distance is around 10m (one room to another).

Remote connection is possible using a “relay” phone.

On a first phone (relay):

  • Download the Tucky application, and log in with your login / password
  • Associate it with Tucky (Bluetooth connection) and leave it close to the child

Note: Make sure the internet connection is working, and the battery is full.

On a second phone:

  • Log in to the Tucky application with the same login/password.
  • Go to the profile and refresh the view (pull down).

Note: A cloud icon indicates that the data is from the cloud. There may be a delay of a few minutes in the display.