Quick starting guide

1. Charge Tucky
Start by charging Tucky thanks to the USB cable (provided), until the LED light off.

2. Download Tucky smartphone application
iOS :  Apple Store
Android : Google Play

3. Create a login account (La Poste)

4. Create a child profile

To modify the temperature alert threshold, simply:

  • Go to the parameters of your child’s profile
  • Change the temperature to the desired one and save.

However, all fields (name, gender, date of birth, weight and height) must be filled in for the alert modification to be effective.

5. Turn on Tucky
6 flashes – Tucky turn on
1 blink – Tucky turn off

6. Associate Tucky with the child profile

7. Put the double face adhesive on Tucky
– Take off the adhesive from the white support
– Stick Tucky on Tucky
– Remove the transparent layer

8. Put Tucky on the child
Put Tucky as high as possible under the right armpit. For a better temperature measurement, verify the the child wears a clothe.

Monitor the child wherever you are!
The direct Bluetooth distance is around 10m (one room to another).

Remote connection is possible using a “relay” phone.

On a first phone (relay):

  • Download the Tucky application, and log in with your login / password
  • Associate it with Tucky (Bluetooth connection) and leave it close to the child

Note: Make sure the internet connection is working, and the battery is full.

On a second phone:

  • Log in to the Tucky application with the same login/password.
  • Go to the child’s profile and refresh the view (pull down).

Note: A cloud icon indicates that the data is from the cloud. There may be a delay of a few minutes in the display.