About e-TakesCare

e-TakesCare is a start-up, member of the French IoT (Internet of Things), with officies in Paris. Convinced that e-heath is dedicated to help a growing number of individuals – young and old – live a better life, e-TakesCare specializes in connected medical devices.

Tucky : the smart wearable thermometer which reassures parents

During early childhood, sleep is extremely precious for both children and parents. Newborns experience many fever and sometimes complications related to fever. When the time comes to nursery, they occur more and more frequently. Nowadays, there is no solution to monitor a child’s fever, other than to take the temperature repeatedly during the day and to get out of bed during the night. A solution that follows the child’s health, favors sleep and provides serenity, at the same time, is welcome by the whole family. This is when Tucky comes into play.

e-TakesCare : a personal approach, a universal need.

When his daughter was born, Antonin Bougerol realizes that nothing on the market enables to soothe his daughter, his wife nor himself. With a background of 10 years in micro-electronics engineering – applied to aeronautics, he decides to fulfill this need of an efficient family solution. Early 2014, he creates the company e-TakesCare. Observing the immediate benefits of his smart thermometer on this family ( length and quality of sleep, timesaving, reliability…), he decides to make it available to other parents and children by launching Tucky.

Tucky : a reliable medical device providing a global solution

Acclaimed at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2016, Tucky is the first autonomous and confortable thermometer specifically designed for children up to 7 years old. Tucky is a wearable medical device manufactured in Fance. Tucky must be applied under the armpit thanks to the double sided bio-compatible adhesive. It provides reliable continuous temperature monitoring, without bothering the child and without the parents’ intervention. Tucky has a dedicated app, IOS et Android compatible, which frees the mind and night of parents.

The app has many features   :

Fever alert
Temperature curve
Indication of the child’s position which enables to follow the pediatrician’s or doctor’s recommendations
Digital health book by indicating the different events in the child’s day (medicine intake, vaccines, baby bottle, bed schedule…)
Data remote access, wherever you are

Tucky already available for pre-order on www.e-takescare.com/pre-order.