1. Charging Tucky


Before first use, charge your Tucky for at least 2 hours (the autonomy after 2 hours of charging is 5 days), using the USB cable provided. The red LED lights up during charging and goes out when charging is complete.

2. Download the application & create a user account

  1. Download the free Tucky application (On iOS: Apple Store or on Adroid: Google Play)
  2. Create a user account by clicking on “Register” and filling in the required fields.
  3. Log in with the email address and password you previously entered.

This account is necessary to monitor Tucky’s data remotely (beyond 10 meters) on other phones. This is a secure and certified health cloud (HDS).

Note: Don’t remember your password? Click on “Forgotten password” and follow the steps indicated.


3. Create a patient profile & associate Tucky

  1. Turn on Tucky by pressing the On/Off button; the LED will flash for 2 seconds (6 times).
  2. Create a patient profile, where you can enter the patient’s first and last name as well as age, gender, weight, date of birth, height and the level at which the fever alert is triggered.
  3. In the settings of your phone/tablet, activate the Bluetooth® function.
    Note: On iPhones, Tucky may not appear in the list of detected Bluetooth® devices. Simply turn on Bluetooth®, then exit your iPhone settings.
  4. In the application, select a profile, approach Tucky to the phone/tablet, press the “Pair” button and accept authorization requests. A temperature will be displayed in the banner.
    Note: Once associated, Tucky will reconnect as soon as it is within signal range.

PS: You can connect at least 6 Tucky at the same time on all types of smartphones (not entry-level).

  1. Remove the small part of the paper backing and peel the adhesive from the remaining part.
  2. Stick it to the front of the Tucky, covering the edges of the probe well.
  3. Remove both parts of the clear film.

Below, an explicative clip:


To place Tucky, observe the following points:

  • The micro-USB port must face down with the tab-cap closed and the sensor skin side.
  • It should be positioned as high as possible under the armpit.
    Note: in case of hairiness, shave the area before applying the device.

For a better temperature measurement, wear light clothing and wait approximately 15 minutes with the arm closed until the temperature stabilizes.

6. If necessary, reinforce holding


In case of heavy sweating or physical activity, it is possible to reinforce Tucky’s support in different ways:

I – Addition of an elastic cord worn as a shoulder strap

  • Adjust the length of the cord by tying it loosely around the shoulder
  • Pass the cord through the Tucky tab

  • Apply the double-sided adhesive Tucky (Adh-21)
  • Thread the cord through the arm and stick Tucky under the armpit.
  • Add a small adhesive to the top of the shoulder


II – It is also possible to add a single-sided stretch tape (~2 x 10 cm) over Tucky :

  • Apply Tucky double-sided adhesive
  • Stick Tucky under the armpit
  • Raise the arm and add the single-sided tape

The table below shows use cases of each solution:

Tucky adhesive alone

Tucky adhesive + adhesive strap

Tucky adhesive + elastic cord

Low activity holding



Easy cleaning


Sweat resistance


Long duration holding



Created with GIMP

The live Bluetooth distance is about 10 meters (from room to room).

The remote connection is possible using 2 devices (tablet / smartphone) :

  • 1 “relay” device, designed to stay close to the child (5-10m) and transmit data to the cloud.
  • 1 for remote monitoring, which displays information from the cloud

relais et multi utilisateurs


Download the Tucky application on both devices, and connect with the same login / mdp
If you’ve ever used Tucky with one of the devices, disassociate it from all devices
Turn off Tucky

On a first phone (relay):

  • Download the Tucky application, and log in with your login / password
  • Associate it with Tucky (Bluetooth connection) and leave it close to the child

Note: Make sure the internet connection is working, and the battery is full.

On a second phone:

  • Log in to the Tucky application with the same login/password.
  • Go to the profile and refresh the view (pull down).

Note: A cloud icon indicates that the data is from the cloud. There may be a delay of a few minutes in the display.

Verification :
You can check that the alerts are transmitted to the 2 devices by pressing the “test alert” button within the profile.