Manage remotely
your patients' health

Wearable axillary thermometer

Improves patient comfort
Reduces health costs

In a context of reduced healthcare costs, new technologies provide solutions that combine efficiency and patient comfort.

As a soft patch, comfortable and flexible, it is placed under the armpit and allows to measure continuously the evolution of this physiological constancy (1 measure per minute).

It thus contributes to improve patients’ quality of life, saving them time, convenience and discretion while offering healthcare professionals a new telemedicine tool.

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As a station, our solution allows the temperature of 12 patients to be monitored at the same time.

Other configurations are possible on request.

The Tucky STT12 Base Station contains:
– 12 wearable thermometers Tucky
– 2 relay smartphones
– 1 display tablet
– adhesive refills

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