1. Platorm access


Tucky Center is a SAAS platform accessible from any web browser.

To connect, go to: https://tuckycenterfrontend.azurewebsites.net

and log in with your FranceConnect or ProSantéConnect (caregivers) credentials.

2. Interface description

  1. Patient information
  2. Example of heart rate / SPO2 curve
  3. Example of temperature curve
  4. Choice of group to display
  5. Choice of view to display
  6. Configuration menu

2. Sensors

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Tucky Center uses the following connected medical devices:

  • Tucky patch thermometer
  • Infrared thermometer
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • The scale

3. Gateway

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The Gateway uses the wifi to transmit data to the HDS Health Cloud. There are different ways to connect it.

  • Automatic Wifi setup :

Use the WPS mode of the internet box to automatically connect the Gateway. Press the button on the box then plug in the Gateway.


  • Manual Wifi setup :

Via smartphone :

– It is possible to set the Wifi thanks to the phone application ESP BLE Provisioning

– To do so :Download and launch the app,Click on “provision new device”, and “I don’t have QR code”

– Delete the prefix if necessary, and scan againSelect the Gateway, set Wifi & Password. Connection will be automatic.

Via computer : 

Manual configuration is done via a web interface accessible for 15 minutes after plugging in the Gateway. This appears as an access point in accessible WiFi networks, under its number “TUCKY-GW_XXXX” (see label).

– Connect to it, using the security key if necessary

– Open a browser and enter the following address :

– Enter Wifi SSID and password, and validate

  • Meaning of the DEL:
    • Green: gateway connected
    • Flashing green: data transmission in progress
    • Red: Gateway not connected
    • Purple: Connected

4. Adding sensors / Gateway

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Each Sensor/Gateway must be declared in the platform via its serial number, which is available on the product and on its packaging.

  • Adding a sensor :

In the Tucky Center configuration menu, click on “Sensor”.

– Press “Add” and enter its serial number.

– Enter a nickname (optional).

  • Adding a gateway :

A gateway is added in the same way as a sensor, by clicking on “Gateway” in the configuration menu.

5. Patient management

Patient data is managed in 2 ways:
– Internally: data is stored in the facility’s account
– Externally: data is stored in the patient’s account, which they share with the facility.

  • “Internal” patient creation :
    • Click on the “Add patient” button”
    • Select patient creation from “This account”.
  • Enter the patient’s e-mail address

An invitation e-mail is sent to the patient with instructions to follow

Création patient « externe » :

    • Click on the “Add patient button”
    • Create a profile from “an external account”
      • Enter patient’s e-mail address
      • An invitation e-mail is sent to the patient with instructions to follow.

Once the invitation has been accepted, the patient’s profile appears on the TuckyCenter interface.

6. Sensors / Gateway / Patient Association


Sensors / Gateway / Patient association is made via the TuckyCenter interface.

  • Select the “Banner & Settings” view
  • Click on the “edit” icon
  • In the “Activate tracking” section
    • For smartphone tracking, choose smartphone

Note: Only available with the Tucky thermometer.

    • For monitoring via Gateway, select Gateway then indicate the sensors and Gateway to be associated.

Note: Changes take 2-3 min to complete

This screen also allows you to configure groups, alert thresholds and times, desired alert modes, etc.