Having a technical problem? Here are various means to solve them.

Preliminary verification

  • User manual

At first, please check the user manual
See the user manual 

  • Quick starting guide

A quick starting guide is  available to help you starting with Tucky.
See the tutorial.

  • FAQ

The most frequently asked questions are answerer in the FAQ section, accessible from the website and the application.

  •  Tucky software update

Check that you have the latest smartphone application (on Appstore for iOS, PlayStore for Android), and update Tucky embedded software if necessary (“parameter” menu within the App).


Contact our support team

  • Hotline

Our technical hotline is accessible at +33 1 30 84 87 40, from 9AM to 6PM.

  • Facebook

You can also reach us by private mails on Facebook.

  • Make a claim

Your problem in not solved and you want to make a claim?
Please fill-in those forms, and we will contact you: consumer form  / professionnal form