De-confinement : stay alert and monitor your symptoms.

In this time of de-confinement, we are going back to work and our children are going back to school. However, we must remain vigilant and keep monitoring for the possible appearance of Covid-19 symptoms.

The two main signs are fever and cough.

If you experience unusual symptoms but no breathing difficulties, the key is to stay home and limit your interactions with those around you.

I have a fever, how can I keep tracking this symptom in a period of de-confinement?

Remote monitoring solutions are experiencing strong growth during this period.

Wearable patch thermometers such as Tucky will allow you to continuously monitor your temperature and one of your family, your children and even adults or the elderly, wherever you are !

With a simple gesture, access your temperature data 24 hours a day and react as quickly as possible.

Fever persists? Consult a healthcare professional and show your temperature history to help the medical diagnosis.



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