Child health


Febrile seizure

Febrile seizure usually occurs in a healthy child, during a sudden fever rise, due to a banal infection: While the child’s body is suddenly shaken by spasms (contractions) symmetrical muscle; Its members are agitated and jerky involuntary; His eyes sometimes roll upward. The crisis usually lasts from one to five minutes, then the child returns…

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nounours malade ausculté

Winter viruses KO … because of Covid19

Every year, we face epidemics of winter illnesses: flu, gastroenteritis and bronchiolitis. But did you know that these diseases are very rare this winter? Let’s take a look back at these diseases and the reasons for their virtual absence this year.  

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Back to school

Back to school in France, Spain and England

Goodbye holidays ! Hello back-to-school time for children ! It is in an unprecedented sanitary context that millions of French, Spanish and British pupils are going back to school. To limit the spread of the virus and reassure parents, pupils and teachers, governments are getting organised and are submitting their health protocols. If they agree on the…

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Putting baby to bed

Baby sleep: a guide In the first few weeks, a baby alternates between phases of wakefulness and sleep. Parents have questions as soon as they arrive home: how should I lie baby down to sleep? Where? In his room or ours? How can I help him sleep at night, even with a fever? Not knowing…

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Here is a detailed review of Tucky’s features. WHAT IS TEMPERATURE MONITORING? CONTINUOUS MONITORING Continuous monitoring is, strictly speaking, 24-hour monitoring. The data is displayed in real time thanks to a temperature curve on the phone.   UNLIMITED DISTANCE MONITORING Follow the temperature evolution, wherever you are! The data is transmitted via Bluetooth Low Energy…

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Flu 2019-2020 : New vaccine? How to do this?

Have you ever heard of it? That’s right, yes! Virus mutation… The flu is getting worse. The flu comes back every year with its lot of symptoms … Especially feared as winter approaches. The virus attacks the airways and spreads throughout the body, not to be taken lightly. But, don’t panic! Don’t panic! We explain…

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The vaccination

What is vaccination? This is the most effective means of prevention in the fight against infectious diseases (tetanus, measles, whooping cough, meningitis …). It allows to protect yourself and protect others, especially the most vulnerable people around him

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