4 e-health solutions against Covid19

Since the start of the covid19 related health crisis, all international health actors have been mobilised and taking concrete action to curb this global pandemic. With the introduction of vaccination, the laboratories that develop vaccines are receiving the most media coverage.

But other companies are proposing solutions to help fight the epidemic. This is notably the case in the fields of masks and personal protection, sterilisation, hospital waste management, remote patient monitoring and e-health.

A census of French companies

It is within this particular framework that the French Healthcare Association is compiling a list of French companies that offer proven solutions that can be implemented to help manage this crisis on a global scale (manufacturers, healthcare institutions, research and training institutes, professional organisations, etc.). This list, which is regularly updated, is available on the association’s website. E-takescare is included with the Tucky patch thermometer.

french tech santé

Focus on 4 French and Spanish e-health solutions

With this in mind, we present 4 companies offering e-health solutions that can be used to combat covid19.

A telemedicine booth

H4D has developed a global solution for remote consultation around the first connected medical booth, the Consult Station. This solution supports all the dimensions necessary for the implementation of a professional medical practice in teleconsultation. With this solution, H4D acts against coronavirus by installing booths in the emergency services for orientation and teleconsultation to support caregivers. The consult stations can also be set up in health centres with the Red Cross or in isolated villages to monitor patients.

cabine de telemedecine esante H4D

A diagnostic platform

Intrasense has created and markets a unique medical device: Myrian®. It is a software platform that facilitates and secures diagnosis, decision-making and therapeutic monitoring. In the context of the pandemic, Intrasense has developed a solution dedicated to the scanner management of covid19. The aim is to provide an objective measurement of the lung damage and the available lung reserve in patients, in an automatic way. In this way, extremely rapid patient management is possible. The new protocol is CE certified and FDA approved as a medical device.

The connected stethoscope

eKuore is a Spanish company that designs, develops and markets medical devices that combine health with new mobile technologies. Born in 2013, eKuore created the first electronic stethoscope for the medical sector: eKuore Pro. Thanks to an application on a mobile device, this stethoscope makes it possible to record auscultation in a smartphone and compare its evolution.

The Tucky thermometer among covid control devices19

Present in pharmacies in France and abroad for 3 years now, this remote temperature monitoring tool takes the form of a thin and flexible patch placed under the armpit. Connected to the Tucky application, it allows you to manage one of the main symptoms of coronavirus: fever. This class IIA medical device allows :

  • reduce the risk of cross-contamination and the workload of healthcare staff in hospitals,
  • at home, to look after the health of the whole family.

patient et suivi ordinateur
The Tucky thermometer is an ideal health ally for the family, especially in these times !