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CES Las Vegas – 2019

The Tucky patch thermometer in Las Vegas! At the moment our Tucky thermometer is once again presented at the CES in Las Vegas with our partners: La Poste and CareOs.

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How to take the temperature ?

The different methods There are several more or less reliable and practical ways to take your child’s temperature: Rectal route (through the rectum), Axillary track (under the armpit), Oral route (through the mouth), Ear canal (by the ear), On the temporal artery (on the forehead). Depending on the selected technique, normal temperatures vary according to…

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Tucky wearable thermometer

5 mistakes not to make in case of fever.

What is fever? Fever is a natural phenomenon of the body in response to a virus or infection. We speak of fever when: For an infant under 3 months of age, the internal temperature exceeds 38°C For an older child, the internal temperature exceeds 38.5°C Fever itself is therefore not dangerous, except for infants and…

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fievre enfant

Fever in children

A natural phenomenon Fever is a rise in body temperature in response to a virus or infection. The human being is a homeotherm, i. e. his core temperature remains stable regardless of the outside temperature. In a healthy child, it is regulated around 37°C (+- 1°C), and varies during the day from 0.5 to 0.6°C…

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The Tucky thermometer at the 22nd Practical Paediatrics Meeting

The Tucky thermometer at the 22nd Practical Paediatrics Meeting The Practical Paediatrics Meetings bring together more than 2,100 paediatricians each year. Today, they represent the most important event of the specialty in Europe. Nearly 130 speakers gathered around twenty or so themes invite you to the 22nd Practical Pediatrics Meetings and offer you more than…

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thermometre bebe suivi fievre enfant

Jeu concours Tucky x iHealth

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