CES Las Vegas – 2019

The Tucky patch thermometer in Las Vegas!

At the moment our Tucky thermometer is once again presented at the CES in Las Vegas with our partners: La Poste and CareOs.

As every year at this time of year, the Consumer Electronic Show takes place.  This is the largest trade fair dedicated to technological innovation in consumer electronics.

Below is an overview of what’s new from Tucky’s partners:

Docapost (a subsidiary of the La Poste group):

La Poste, Tucky’s long-standing partner, unveils its partnership with Elsan clinics to deploy connected medical applications and devices for tracking hospitalized people.

“Already hosting the pharmaceutical file (DP) since 2013, Docapost intends to “become a key player in e-health” by multiplying partnerships with “reference structures at national level”, in order to provide patients with digital tools and “simplify” their relationship with healthcare teams, explained David de Amorim.

After presenting its mobile application La Poste eSanté, which serves both as a digital health record and as a tool for monitoring hospitalized patients, at the previous edition of the CES, the subsidiary signed a partnership agreement with the Elsan group of clinics in May 2018.

The first concrete manifestation of this partnership, presented this year in Las Vegas, is the Adel mobile application, described as a connected assistant allowing patients to access personalized information before, during and after hospitalization (admission information, description of the procedure, post-operative follow-up via questionnaires) and to communicate with the medical team. The objective set by Elsan and Docapost is to equip one million hospitalized patients in the group of clinics by 2020.”

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CareOs (Baracoda Group):

CareOS, a company of the Baracoda group, unveils the first connected and intelligent mirror for the bathroom. The latter combines health, beauty and well-being to personalize each user’s experience.
More than 50 IoT devices, products and services are integrated into the platform, including our Tucky patch thermometer.

“CareOS, today announced the launch of Artemis, the only smart mirror integrated into the CareOS platform that combines health, beauty and wellness to personalize each user’s experience. Now the connected bathroom extends to the hotel, beauty salon or connected house of the future. Artémis is also one of the winners of the Innovation Awards awarded to CES 2019.

More than 50 IoT devices, products and services are integrated into the CareOS platform, including leading brands such as Wella Professionals de Coty, Groupe SEB, Legrand, Roca and IoT leaders such as Snips and Terraillon.”

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In 2016, Tucky was exhibited for the first time at the CES. Since then, it has participated in it every year with its various partners. Press review on Tucky at CES 2016 :

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